I began as an autodidact without much conviction on my future in the music. But thanks to the meeting of a band that looked for a second guitarist I discovered creation since we play our own compositions. It is also the meeting with the scene, the first concerts. It is the catch for me:I think that it is at that time and in an unconscious way that I decide to become musician.
From 80 to 81 the CIM (musical information center) in Paris where I learned guitar with Lionel Benhamou.
82/85 CHIPPIE: Group compositions a first recording in the form of cassette is born, several concerts in Rhone-Alps area.
86/92 INVITATION: Cover band concerts in all France in Switzerland and in Luxembourg.
94/96 BOUBS: French song creations 1 C.D. car produced
93/96 ANAMORPHOSE: Jazz Fusion 4 to 7 musicians Festival of jazz of Annecy, Grenoble, Vienna, Francheville, opening for Sixun
94/96 DIKELEISON: Trio of contemporary music Festival Of winter and today opening for Tim Brady
95/97 HFP: a band from Dijon creations 1 C.D. car produces Concerts in France opening for James Carter
98/06 LE BOCAL: Collective of 17 musicians creations 4 C.D.
"LE BOCAL" Car produces 02 "Collective etc..." Le chant du Monde(label) Harmonia Mundi 03 "Oh No just another Franck Zappa Mémorial barbecue"
Le chant du monde(label) Harmonia Mundi 03 a homage to the music of Franck Zappa.
Concerts in all France and in Switzerland.
With tLe Bocal I had the opportunity to play with musicians of great level since the collective invited Herve Mechinet, Olivier Ker Ourio, Benoît Sourisse, Denis Badault, Franck Tortiller, Rita Marcotulli and Glenn Ferris.
New Cd left on August 31, 2006 at Bee Jazz distributed by Abeille Music.
99/02 BWM: Cover band and spectacles for children Noctibules, Casinos...
01/02 GOYOMA: Band of creations opening for Paco Sery
02/06 CARNET DE ROOT: Trio of creations Opening for the band Magma Concerts in area the Rhone-Alps 1 Cd recorded in 2004
06/07 First solo project which leads to the exit of Cd "MELODIES URBAINES" on the Dreaming label distributed by Muséa.
08/09 New CD "ELECTROMOODS" on the Deaming label by Musea

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