Eric MINEN is a French guitar player from Annecy (Savoy region). Involved within various jazz, song-oriented or jazz-rock fusion bands, among which ANAMORPHOSE and LE BOCAL (A famous Frank ZAPPA tribute band).
After a first solo album «Mélodies Urbaines» released in 2007 on the Dreaming label wherein he plays ten compositions entirely based on the wide palette of guitar sounds, he comes back today with a new cd in the sphere of Ambient/New age music.
In this opus Eric Minen plays with  sounds and electro atmospheres. His music can be
surprising, charming or makes you travel.
Programmings might account for a mechanical and cold aspect, but this is not sensible,
because they are balanced by the melodic research of the musical themes and naturally by the guitars.
Acoustic or electric guitars are used with sensitivity. The arrangements are subtles and let speak about all the brightness of the  instrument
We find Eric Minen's «leg» into the clarity of his playing, his technical mastery and also versatile playing but always open and friendly for the listener.
So here is «ELECTROMOODS» an amazing work, a real invitation in the peace of mind and daydreaming. Enjoy it.


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